Contributing/Development mode

It’s very simple to play with PM2:

$ pm2 kill   # kill the current pm2
$ git clone my_pm2_fork.git
$ cd pm2/
$ DEBUG=* ./bin/pm2 --no-daemon

Each time you edit the code, be sure to kill and restart PM2 to make changes taking effect.

DEBUG=”*“ Allows to display all possible debug logs in ~/.pm2/pm2.log

Install PM2 development

$ npm install git:// -g

Launch the tests

Master: Build Status

Dev : Build Status

Just try the tests before using PM2 on your production server:

$ git clone
$ cd pm2
$ npm install  # Or do NODE_ENV=development npm install if some packages are missing
$ npm test

If a test is not correctly working, please report issues here. You should also make sure that you have all dependencies needed. For Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential
# nvm is a Node.js version manager -
$ wget -qO- | sh
$ nvm install 4
$ nvm use 4