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Serve static file over http


Starting pm2 2.4.0, you can use pm2 to serve your static files (like a frontend app) over http with a simple command :

pm2 serve <path> <port>

The current folder will be used if you don’t precise <path>, for the port the default one is 8080. You can use the same options as a normal application like --name or --watch.

Process file

You can declare in a process file that you want a special dir to be served, to do so :

  "script": "serve",
  "env": {
    "PM2_SERVE_PATH": '.',
    "PM2_SERVE_PORT": 8080

You just need to add PM2_SERVE_PATH and PM2_SERVE_PORT to env variables to specify the path and the port, the default are the same as the CLI.