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Advanced, production process manager for Node.js

$ npm install pm2 -g |


A Complete feature set for production environment, built with a worldwide community of developers and enterprises

$ pm2 start app.js

PM2 Monit


Monitoring all processes launched:

$ pm2 monit


List all processes:

$ pm2 list

Act on them:

$ pm2 stop    
$ pm2 restart 
$ pm2 delete  
PM2 list

Who's using PM2 ?

Client Testimonial

Guys just installed pm2 on my live server and hooked up to Keymetrics. Very impressed. Its all seamless and awesome!

Adam Robinson

Just fell in love with pm2 Much better than forever to restart node procs if nec.

Christian Kellner

Recently switched to pm2 from forever.. not looking back!

Samuel Brown