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Advanced, production process manager for Node.js

npm install pm2 -g |


A Complete feature set for production environment, built with a worldwide community of developers and enterprises

pm2 start app.js

PM2 Monit


Monitoring all processes launched:

pm2 monit


List all processes:

pm2 list

Act on them:

pm2 stop    
pm2 restart 
pm2 delete  
PM2 list

Who's using PM2 ?

PM2 users

Client Testimonial

Guys just installed pm2 on my live server and hooked up to Keymetrics. Very impressed. Its all seamless and awesome!

Adam Robinson

I made my Node.js application performance increase by a factor up to 5 without any code change!

Frank Lonas

Recently switched to pm2 from forever.. not looking back!

Samuel Brown