1. I can’t connect my local PM2 to the PM2.io dashboard

If you are in this situation, it might be for several reasons.

  • You are behind a company proxy or firewall.

Make sure the 443 port is opened and/or set the proxy config: PM2_PROXY=<proxy-address> pm2 link <secret> <public>

  • You are using a old PM2 version. Update PM2 to latest: npm install pm2@latest -g

  • You have concurrent PM2 sending data to the same bucket with an identical server name. Make sure you have only one PM2 instance launched ps -aux | grep PM2

  • Refresh your connection to Keymetrics. pm2 link stop then pm2 link start. Also don’t forget to refresh the dashboard itself, it might help sometimes.

2. The versioning buttons (Rollback/Pull/Upgrade) aren’t working

  • If the buttons are disabled, make sure that the Local changes and Local commit indicators are green.

  • If you get a warning Not authorized when trying to perform such actions, it means you have not the admin privileges in this bucket.

  • If none of the above happens, but the precedure just hangs, make sure you have a recent version of Node.js as well as the latest version of PM2.

  • Also, your repository should not ask for a password input (it means you must clone it via ssh), try typing git remote update manually in the folder and see if it asks for a password or not.

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