Process Actions

Expose RPC Methods: Process Actions

Exposing RPC Methods will allow you to interact in real-time with a running process.

This is usefull for:

  • Changing behavior (e.g. switching log to debug)
  • Retrieving data structure
  • Triggering actions

Quick Start

First install tx2 module:

$ npm install tx2

Then create an application called rpc.js:

const tx2 = require('tx2')

tx2.action('hello', (reply) => {
  reply({ answer : 'world' })

setInterval(function() {
  // Keep application online
}, 100)

And start it with PM2:

$ pm2 start rpc.js

Now to trigger process actions, use the command:

$ pm2 trigger <application-name> <action-name>
# pm2 trigger rpc hello

Listing available RPC methods

To list all available RPC methods:

pm2 show <application-name>
# pm2 show rpc

Passing a parameter

To pass a parameter to the remote function, just add the param attribute to the callback:

var tx2 = require('tx2')

tx2.action('world', function(param, reply) {
  reply({success : param})

Restart your application and call this process function with PM2:

pm2 trigger <application-name> <action-name> [parameter]
# pm2 trigger rpc world somedata

Triggering from Web Dashboard

All RPC methods exposed from your application, once connected to will be displayed and actionnable from a web interface.

TX2 API Documentation

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